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Image by Giorgio Trovato

Dorcheat Historical Museum Expansion Fundraising  Site

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Today museums are an important part of many people’s travel experiences. They have become some of the most popular and most visited places in the world’s leading cities as well as our smaller communities.   

Museums are cultural institutions that preserve and promote culture through their collections, foster learning and research, and provide educational opportunities. Museums are also economic drivers (e.g., job creation, increasing tourism, taxes) and visiting them may even promote wellness and help us live longer!

Museums that allow for free entry. How do they afford to stay open without admission costs? How important are visitor donations to these museums? Do people actually put money in museum donation boxes?

How can people help support the museums they love? Do donations make a difference? Are there ways other than leaving donations to help support one’s favorite museum?

The Dorcheat Museum has been a dream for many since the 1940s.  Today we are a well-established museum with very little funding coming from State or Local Government!  We NEED YOUR HELP!  Every dollar helps us to keep our doors open to you our public.  We offer FREE programs as well as FREE tours to our visitors. 

We have a very small operational budget compared to many other museums of our caliber.  One recent comment made by an individual that is involved in historic preservation in another parish described us in this way “Just think Smithsonian but on a smaller scale, it really is that nice”  

Our goal to move forward with our expansion is in need of at least $50k to hopefully complete and open the doors next door.  This expansion will double our size and work area.


We NEED this addition desperately.  We are out of room in our main building.  This new addition will highlight each town and community in Webster Parish!  Each of these towns at some point had vital assets to the history of North Louisiana. 

So please Donate today and help us reach our goal and maybe even exceed them. 

We Need This Space Completed!
It Will Double Our Size And Highlight So Much More!

The Pictures Below Show The Condition Of The Building.

Some Work Was Done Several Years Ago. 

Most Of What Was Done Was More On The Demolition Side Of Moving Forward

Today We Use It For Storage Of Future Display Items.

We Are Ready To Move Forward!  We Have Our Concept In Mind. 

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