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Jessica Stewart Gorman

Executive Director


people who have worked hard behind the scenes


Current Board Members

Mike Harper, PresidentSchelley Brown Francis, Vice-President; Janet LaBruyere, Treasurer; 

Lola Morgan Kidd, Recording Secretary

Jessica Stewart Gorman, Museum Executive Director and Archivist

Charlotte Martin, Richard Campbell, Becky Marvin, Kay Elzen, Mary Ann Hamilton,

Lucy Adkins, Ki Williams, Gary Haynes, Sarah Haynes,

Ronald Swafford, Melissa Marvin Brown and Robert Denmon

Emeritus Board Members

Marcel Vandenoord past Vice-President 2009-2023

Louise Baird Snook past President 2008 - 2022

Charlotte Jones 2015 - 2022

Ann Harlan Past Recording Secretary 2007 - 2003

Cora Lou Robinson 2008 - 2022

Dianne McGuire 2015 - 2019

Carleton Prothro 2008 - 2017

​Help ​Us Preserve Webster Parish History

The Dorcheat Museum is a 501c3 organization so every dollar you give is tax deductible. Our mission to save our history depends on you! We now offer donations through Paypal or you can always mail your tax deductible donations to us.


Dorcheat Museum

P.O. Box 1094

Minden, LA 71058

Our Fundraiser Letter For Winter 2023

Dear Supporters of the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum,

Since 2008, the museum has been working to preserve the history of Webster Parish. We are proud to share that history with our local community and our out-of-town visitors.

This year we released a new book, Historically Speaking: Part I, which includes all Historically Speaking articles that were published in the Webster Parish Journal through the end of 2022. This, as well as our other books, can be purchased via our website,  Historically Speaking: Part II will soon be available.

Another new addition this year is our Flickr page. This page will be used as an easy way to provide an online archive for digitized materials. Digitization is important for preservation and accessibility of information. It allows the preservation of fragile and/or deteriorating documents and allows continued access to the information contained in them. It provides protection against loss of information in the case of disaster. As a researcher, I value the ability to access historical information and feel that it is important to provide accessibility to others, whether they are researching local history or their family history.

Our “Night at the Museum” speaker series resumed this year. Four speaker events were held and next year’s speaker line-up is currently in the works. Please join us as it’s always entertaining and interesting.

We were also very excited to be the recipient of a Culture Care grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. This grant provided $5,000 in much needed operational support, allowing us to stretch our funds a little further.

As we look to the coming year, I am excited about what the future holds. Finding ways to evolve as we preserve and share the history of Webster Parish is of utmost importance. The work of history is never done. Instead, research, writing, sharing, digitizing, and more is being done every day. I look forward to new opportunities to expand all that we offer.

Even so, I know that none of those things happens without continued funding. That’s why your support is so important. The museum currently receives no regular funding and is completely dependent upon you and our fundraising efforts.

Thank you for supporting the work being done here at the Dorcheat Historical Association Museum. It is evident that you are among those who know how important this work is, and your support is crucial to our efforts. Our doors are open solely because of the generosity of folks like you.


Jessica S. Gorman

Executive Director

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