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Minden Historic Residential District 

We Connect Our Homes To Our History

The boundaries of the Minden Historic District encompass seventy-one buildings, all but two of which are residences. Contributing elements range in date from c.1850 through 1942 and run the gamut stylistically from Greek Revival to Spanish Colonial Revival. The non-contributing element

rate is twenty-one percent.

Located just north of the downtown, the nominated district has a very irregular street plan (see attached map). The most important buildings tend to be concentrated on Broadway, which is definitely the city's grand residential rue. Lots along the boulevard are larger than elsewhere in the district, and houses are often set well back from the road. There are numerous mature trees, as is true of the district as a whole. About one-third of the historic houses on Broadway are two or two-and-a-half stories. Interspersed among the larger, more "upmarket" residences are smaller, less pretentious houses. At the southern end of Broadway, near the downtown, are the district's only two non-residential buildings. One is the impressive Gothic Revival Minden Presbyterian Church (1923), and the other is a very historic looking Gothic Episcopal church built in 1950.

For the most part, the other streets in the district have small lots, with houses more densely packed. As is the case with Broadway, landmarks are scattered among more typical houses.

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